About us

NM Wines is a Swedish company which specializes in the distribution of alcoholic beverages from Italy. Since the company was founded, it has developed its business and has complemented its portfolio with a wide range of products. Our producers are well known internationally and produce what are considered both locally and internationally, as some of the best products their respective region has to offer.

Our Mission

We work with our experienced producers to develop and distribute old and new brands for our client's market needs. Our mission is to bring our clients high quality products at competitive prices and assist them in their efforts to manage and grow these brands.


Our network of both producers and distributors throughout Italy and abroad, help us keep a competitive edge. We work closely with our partners to ensure that our consumers receive the highest quality of products and travel frequently to ensure that these standards are met.


NM Wines AB (Org Nr: 556545-7453)
Hammarby Kaj 16, BV
12030 Stockholm, Sweden
E-mail: info@nmwines.se
NM Wines